Accidentally Me by Kim Karras


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Accidentally Me

by Kim Karras

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“Maybe, just maybe, if I can convince Dad that I’m in enough danger at home, he won’t mind shipping me to California for school. But there’s only one problem. If I hope to pull this stalker scheme off, I’m going to need more than just a scary story.”

Sabrina has been trying to be the perfect child her whole life to convince her parents that she’s more than just an “accident.” Now she is desperate to go to her dream college, but her parents want her to stay close to home. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Sabrina must team up with an unlikely ally to get what she wants. But she can’t let her parents discover her plan. If she wants to maintain her perfect image, Sabrina must break rules that even her rebel sister keeps . . .


About the Author:

Kim Karras writes contemporary fiction for teens and adults. She graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in English in 2002. Kim lives with her husband and three children in Sandy, Utah. Her notes on life, motherhood, and writing can be found on-line at

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