Bearskin by Jamie Robyn Wood


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by Jamie Robyn Wood

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The witch dropped to her knees. Blood spilled outward from her belly.

Moiria broke her gaze away from her dying mother and turned, amazed to find Conrad standing in the room. What would he think?

“You’ve killed her,” he said, his voice a whisper full of fear and awe. “You’ve actually killed her.”

When their mother, an evil enchantress, tries to convince Conrad, Moiria, and Heppson to follow her ways, each one must decide where the line lies between good and evil, magic and myth. But it will take more than good intentions to defend their kingdom against the danger that’s coming.

Based on the Bearskin fairy tale, this young adult fantasy is filled with intricate plot twists and an impossible romance that will keep you guessing.


About the Author:

Jamie Robyn Wood is a full-time wife and mother and a part-time fantasy writer and essayist. Jamie never imagined the wind could blow so hard and so cold until she moved to the Midwest. Now she prefers to hunker inside the house with a cup of hot chocolate and a story to write. Bearskin is her first novel. She, her husband, their five children, and their “pet” squirrels currently reside in Coralville, Iowa. You can read more from Jamie at



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