Benotripia: The Complete Trilogy by McKenzie Wagner


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Benotripia: The Complete Trilogy

by McKenzie Wagner

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“What were you talking about when you said, ‘the dream world’?” Roseabelle asked.

Jessicana’s expression turned grave. “It’s an ancient myth. I didn’t believe it before, but now I do.”

After her mother mysteriously disappears, it’s up to Roseabelle and her friends to rescue her. But with the evil Darvonians bent on destroying them all, it will take every one of Roseabelle’s magical powers to save her mother and her homeland, Benotripia.

Now available for the first time in a single volume! This fantasy trilogy, written by a young author, is brimming with imaginative twists and a storyline that offers more adventure and intrigue on every page.


About the Author:

McKenzie Wagner is fifteen years old and has adored reading since she was four. Her love of books inspired her to write a book of her own, and she completed the first book of The Magic Wall Series, The Magic Meadow and the Golden Locket at age seven and the second book, The Blue Lagoon and the Magic Coin, shortly thereafter. She has now expanded her writing to appeal to kids of all ages. She wishes to obtain an English degree and teach and continue in her pursuit of her love of writing. She currently resides in Utah with her mom, dad, and her nine-year-old brother, Ty.


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