Christmas Bells and Hero Tails by Valanee Eriksen


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Christmas Bells and Hero Tails

by Valanee Eriksen

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Slowly, very slowly, the hawk spread its wings. “Oh, no!” Buddy whispered. “Oh, no!”

The hawk screamed and swooped down. Buddy’s tail stuck out straight. A yank on the end of his tail and up into the sky he went. ‘“Help!” Buddy cried as he watched his meadow vanish under the falling snow.

Buddy’s life as a rat has kept him on the run, until Christmastime when he finally finds a friend—a little girl named Caroline. But when disaster strikes, it’s up to Buddy to become a true hero and save Christmas for his newfound family.

This exciting story is a perfect chapter book for young readers during the holidays or any time of the year. Filled with fun illustrations and a heartwarming message, it makes a wonderful gift!


About the Author:

Valanee Eriksen grew up in the desert town of Richland, Washington. As a child she was so near-sighted she couldn’t see across the street, so she spent a lot of time reading. One day a door- to-door salesman talked her mom into buying the complete set of The New Junior Classics. That set of books opened the door to her imagination and it has been running wild ever since. Valanee has three daughters and eight grandchildren and is a retired professor of English composition. She lives in Sarasota, Florida, with her cat, Olea.


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