Ella by Jessilyn Stewart Peaslee


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by Jessilyn Stewart Peaslee

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What if the slipper fits someone else?

Ella’s fingers hovered over the beautiful shoes in the box, afraid that if she touched them they might burst like a bubble, vanishing into a million pieces. They were clear as a teardrop, but when they caught the light, they glistened faintly with all the colors of the rainbow.

“Are they made out of fairy wings?” Ella whispered.

Since her parents’ deaths, Ella Blakely has lived as a stranger and a servant in her own home. Treated cruelly by her stepmother and stepsisters, Ella’s only hope comes when Prince Kenton announces a royal ball in just one week.

But without mice, magic, or a fairy godmother, it’s all up to Ella to overcome the odds, get herself to the ball, and take a chance on a new life that’s better than she ever dreamed.

This charming Cinderella story puts a novel twist on the classic fairy tale. With a surprise ending and plenty of romance, it’s an enchanting read you won’t want to put down.


About the Author:

JESSILYN STEWART PEASLEE graduated with a BA in English from Brigham Young University in 2004. She loved taking Creative Writing classes, and was particularly fond of the works of Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and the Bronte sisters. She also studied French and the Humanities. Jessilyn grew up in the beautiful deserts of Southern California and now resides in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains in Saratoga Springs, Utah with her husband and five boys. You can find out more about her and her books at jessilynstewartpeaslee.com.


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