Flim Flam and Other Such Gobbledygook by Melica Hudgens


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Flim Flam and Other Such Gobbledygook

by Melica Hudgens

Illustrated by Jay Fontano

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“But who will come?” poor Clara cried.
She shook her head, sat down, and sighed.

“Our neighbors here of fur and feather,
don’t much like to be together.”

Edwin said in a hopeful way,
“Maybe they’ll change their minds today.”

Edwin Rooster and Clara Hen run into trouble when they try to plan a party for their barnyard friends—because no one wants to attend. Purdy Pig thinks the other animals are stinky, and Anna Cow is annoyed with all the rude, noisy puppies running around. Amanda Duck won’t go because she is bothered by the way Maynard Horse looks.

Perfect for story time, this book is sure to become a new favorite in your home.


About the Author:

     If she’s not sitting at the computer writing, MELICA HUDGENS can usually be found out in the garden pulling weeds or finding a place to plant something new.

After attending a dozen different schools, and living in twice as many places, Hudgens says, “I’ve grown accustomed to meeting new people and making friends. My favorite pastime is visiting with people.”

Melica also enjoys riding bicycles with her husband, taking walks, and enjoying the gifts of nature with her grandchildren.


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