Noble Pocket by Gigi Thoms


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Noble Pocket

by Gigi Thoms

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“Noble was sure the old fellow wasn’t being completely honest with him, and he couldn’t fathom why the Professor would lie. It was just an old door. What was there to hide?”

When orphan Noble Pocket falls into Professor Fairweather’s underground home, he finds a peculiar world of periscopes, animated kaleidoscopic glass, obscure plants, a pet rat, and ancient books of lost languages—and a seeming end to his troubled life above. But when officers from the hidden land of Livund force the Professor to flee into hiding, it’s up to young Noble to travel into the depths of the sea and uncover the mysteries of Livund for himself.


About the Author:

Gina is a BYU graduate in Media Arts, emphasizing in screenwriting and production. She has worked as a Production Assistant at BYUtv for the comedy show, Studio C. With five other writers, she co-wrote a 9-episode television series in a Writer’s Room. In June, she co-produced the pilot episode, which was filmed in Utah and will be pitched at the American Film Market this year.


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