Secret Santa by Richard Grant Bennett, Bryce Clark, and Jason deVilliers


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Secret Santa

by Richard Grant Bennett, Bryce Clark, and Jason deVilliers

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“LISTEN UP, EVERYBODY! We have two Class 3 Naughties in play, the McKenzie twins. These twerps have topped the naughty list four years in a row. Last year they successfully filmed Mr. Claus landing, and it took our lawyers months to get the footage removed from YouTube!”

Agent Noel Green has one job—keep Santa safe. But as head of the SSS (Santa’s Secret Service), he knows that’s easier said than done. Luckily he’s just hired charming Veronica Snow as Santa’s new PR rep.

Everything’s set for the best holiday season yet, until a rogue elf vows to destroy Santa Claus and take over the North Pole. Now it’s up to Green and Snow to stop him and save Christmas!

From the creators of The Aquabats! Super Show! and Ben Banks, this clever Christmas story is a laugh-out- loud, action-packed adventure, with a touch of holiday romance. Perfect for those long winter nights, or any time of the year!


About the Author:

Richard Grant Bennett worked in the art department on The Terminal, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Corpse Bride. He is a writer and designer for The AquaBats! Super Show! and was an execu- tive producer on Ben Banks. Richard and his wife Amber live in the Salt Lake area with their two children.

Bryce Clark is the author of the children’s book Red Shirt Kids. He wrote and directed the independent film Beauty and the Least: The Misadventures of Ben Banks, starring Mischa Barton, and has written for the TV show Yo Gabba Gabba! Bryce wrote and will direct the upcoming film Phobic. Bryce and his wife Stephanie live in the Salt Lake area with their five children.

Jason deVilliers is the cocreator of The Aquabats! Super Show! He produced the film The Flyboys, starring Tom Sizemore and Stephen Baldwin. Jason directed, wrote, and edited multiple episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba! and edited and executive produced Ben Banks. Jason and his wife Kelly live in Southern California with their two children.


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