Shadows of Angels by L. G. Rollins


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Shadows of Angels

by L. G. Rollins

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“Take it,” Gavil pleaded.

With a quick nod, Aerbrin lifted the light stone from Gavil’s hand.

“Never tell a soul you have it.” Gavil’s finger came up to emphasize his words. “Keep it with you at all times.”

A Zaad stone is the most powerful object in the land—and now Aerbrin has possession of one. It’s up to her to keep the stone from ending up with the man who killed her parents. But a secret this pwerful is hard to keep hidden for long. When she finally faces her enemies, her only hope is to use the power locked within the stone—a power that could consume her and all that she knows. This intriguing fantasy is full of magic, mystery, and twists you won’t see coming!


About the Author:

L. G. Rollins, author of Shadows of Angels and the Zaad Stone Trilogy, attended Salt Lake Community College where she majored in American Sign Language Interpreting. While there, she worked in the Writing Lab helping other students improve their work. Currently, she resides in Utah where she homeschools her four young kids.


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