The Crystal Monkey by Patrick Nohrden


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The Crystal Monkey

by Patrick Nohrden

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“I thought the Red Guards were good,” Min Li said.

“So did I,” her mother answered her.

“Then why did you warn Xiong Yong about them?”

“Because they’re not so good anymore.”


Little Min Li believes she lives in the world’s greatest nation until the day the Red Guards come to terrorize her village. In the wreckage, Min Li finds a toy crystal monkey, the only thing left of the childhood she lost too soon.

In the years that follow, Min Li must rely on her hope and courage in order to survive a world that’s changing all around her.

Set during the Chinese revolution and based on real events, this well-researched drama will capture your heart.


About the Author:

Originally from Santa Cruz, California, Patrick Nohrden left high school early in order to join the Army. After serving in various assignments throughout the U.S. and Europe, he returned to America and to school, earning a B.A. in English with Great Distinction from San Jose State University where he won two Phelan Literary Awards. Later, he obtained his law degree from the University of Akron and practiced law in Las Vegas, Nevada.

An expert in modern Chinese culture, Patrick Nohrden has published more than thirty articles on China, as well as numerous articles on the Middle East, Russia, and methods of teaching English.


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