The Throne of David by Ann Farnsworth


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The Throne of David

by Ann Farnsworth

Illustrated by Jay Fontano

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A pair of black boots appeared on the curb and a man in a uniform stepped out of the car. Meeting David’s eyes, the man raised his arms above the door, a pistol held in two hands. He took aim. All sound was stilled, all movement slowed, and David didn’t even hear the blast that sent a bullet tearing through the crowd to his chest.

When a series of secret letters is found years after they were written, the ascendancy line to the British throne is suddenly thrown into disarray. Could there be a new heir?

Locating a stone that’s been lost for centuries is the only way to find out.

This high-stakes thriller leads you on a deadly chase around the world, following clues from King David. It’s a mind-blowing mystery with an ending you’ll have to read to believe!


About the Author:

Ann Farnsworth lives outside of St. Louis, Missouri. She studied the classics in school, along with history. The Farnsworths are the parents of ten children and have two perfect sons-in-law and a granddaughter. You can find Ann online at, via email at, on Twitter @annfarnsworth, or on Facebook at The Throne of David.


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