Treasure at Lure Lake by Shari L. Schwarz


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Treasure at Lure Lake

by Shari L. Schwarz

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I couldn’t believe what I saw: a map of a river next to a house and leading to a lake. Beside the lake was a tree, and beside the tree was an X.

Bryce’s best-laid plans for a backpacking trip with his grandpa seem about to fall through. But when he finds a treasure map in his grandpa’s barn, he just knows it’s going to lead to something good. One thing is certain—no matter what the treasure map leads to, this is going to be the biggest adventure of Bryce’s life!


About the Author:

Shari L. Shwarz is a literary intern at The Bent Agency. Her short story, “Trapped,” received seventh place and upcoming publication in the Writer’s Digest 15th annual short story competition. She enjoys hiking and camping with my four boys in the Northern Colorado mountains. She is a former school librarian and a 12×12 and SCBWI member.


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